Summer hang gliding in July – day 2


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Rigging on Famara lower take off in Summer


After yesterdays smooth thermals and nice flying today looked even better. Higher cloud base, defined cumulus and seagull gliding above take off.

Got to lower Famara take off around 3pm, rigged by 3.30pm. Sky still looking good but some seagulls flapping.

Wind a little to the right but if as good as clouds suggest should not be a problem once get hooked into a nice thermal.

How wrong we were.

Took off and went up a little then hit a few nasty little bullet thermal. Too small to circle in but big enough to shake you around. Got to next little ridge facing more into wind and nothing. Just gnarly little thermals trying to turn me into ridge. After around 20 minutes of full strength thermaling got above take off and made a quick landing.

It seems that Summer flying in Lanzarote is definitely better later in the day. A friend took off around 90 minutes later and had a nice flight with larger thermals and broad lift band. Those early thermals that in Winter are much better developed and perhaps give the best thermic flying of the day are just too small and powerful in the Summer sun. Smaller temperature gradients and hotter sun are not conducive to relaxing flying.

Was good to get back in on top and make it back up from a third way down the hill. Was also excellent arm exercise.