Tandem Paragliding in Lanzarote

Tandem Paragliding in Lanzarote


Come and try tandem paragliding here in Lanzarote

Glide across the Lanzarote skies with an expert Paraglider pilot. This is an amazing way to see the island from the sky and experience free and silent flight.

How tandem to tandem Paraglide

A tandem Paraglider is larger and stronger than a normal one person paraglider. The area is larger and there are more lines to support the extra weight. These gliders are specifically designed to take two people and have extra safety features.

All you have to do is walk forwards and within a few steps you will be flying. The pilots harness is behind yours. You are attached in front and below of the pilot. Landing and take off are just a couple of steps

To come and fly
The cost of your tandem paraglide  flight will be 180 euros. Wear some strong shoes, long trousers and some warmer clothes. We will advise you on how many layers of clothing you will need prior to flight, depending on the weather conditions

Before your flight you will be given an explanation of what you need to do.

It is very simple and needs to special training at all. Just a few minutes talk and you are ready to go.

Once in your harness you and the pilot will walk forward allowing the canopy to rise above your heads. The pilot will then tell you when to start moving forwards. As you move ahead the canopy will lift you off and away you go into the Lanzarote skies.

If you have any other questions just put them in the contact form.