Tandem hang gliding in Lanzarote

Tandem hang gliding in Lanzarote

Hang gliding is as close to real flying as a human can get.

To get this feeling without any previous experience in hang gliding come and try a tandem hang gliding flight. Almost anyone can fly tandem as it takes no experience what so ever. All you have to do is book your flight, wait for the right weather conditions then turn up. Your pilot will instruct you in what you need to do then off you go and fly like a bird in the sky.

How tandem hang gliding works
The way tandem hang gliding works is that a larger and stronger hang glider than normal designed to take two people is used for the job. It is the same basic structure as a single person hang glider just a little larger and stronger. The pilot and passenger  hang from the keel with the passenger slightly higher than the pilot. The passenger holds on to the pilot so that the combined body shift mass of both is used for control in the air.

To come and fly
The cost of your tandem flight will be 180 euros. You should wear strong shoes or boots, long trousers and long sleeves. You may need a light jacket so bring just in case.

Before your flight you will be given an explanation of what you need to do.

The main points are you will need to remember are:-
1 – Hold on to the harness of the pilot before take off and during flight so that both you and the pilot can move as one to control the glider
2 – Before take off you run with the pilot and into the air. Keep running until your feet leave the ground.
3 – If you feel any discomfort or nausea just let the pilot know.

Those are the main points you will need to remember. Then just put your harness and crash helmet on and enjoy flying free like a bird.

If you have any other questions just put them in the contact form.


Here is a nice short video of a recent tandem hang glide I did in Lanzarote on the Lower Teguise take off overlooking Famara.